Leak Detection Equipment
Southern Africa

Supply & backup of water leak detection & logging equipment

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South Africa's number one supplier of accurate water leak detection equipment.

We have a range of compact kits designed to accurately pin the source of the water leak with no unnecessary digging or damage. 

Leading plumbers, engineers and over ten municipalities use our expert equipment and knowledge.

Award Winning
~ Quality
~ Reliability

Award Winning

"We were very impressed, in less than 10 minutes we found a leak we had been digging to find for 2 days"
John Doe
North Rand Plumbing
"After loosing 20 000 liters of water we bought the acoustic detector which we used to find the leak. Our investement was paid off in less than a month with the savings "
Eric Bands
"Best money I ever spent. We brought in more work and were able to charge higher rates"
Rambo Bardenhorst
North Rand Plumbing